Hi, I'm Kevin. Take a look at some more work.

Artisanal Mobile Experiences

Designing a better way for marketers and developers to deliver compelling experiences to their users.

  • Product Management,
  • User Experience,
  • Interface Design,
  • Web Design,
  • Wireframing,
  • Front-end Development,
  • Icon Design

Artisan started off as an A/B testing tool for mobile apps. Artisan was designed to allow mobile marketers and developers quickly test their apps and publish their resutls without ever needing to resubmit to app stores. For instance a marketer could test to see wether or not changing a button color would impact user purchases. If the test was a success, the marketer could instantly publish their changes to app users.

Over time Artisan became much more than an A/B testing tool. The inclusion of user segmentation, personalization, analytics, and mobile marketing tools made Artisan an invaluable tool in the mobile marketers toolbox.

For the past 3 years I’ve had the opportunity to serve as the Design Director for Artisan. I conduct research, evaluate client requests, manage the UX and UI for the entire platform, and work with leadership to discover new ways to create opportunity in the market for the Artisan platform.

I work closely with the development team to not only help define and design areas of the software, but also develop the front-end using HTML, HAML, JQuery, Ember, Rails, and Sass.